“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another” - G.K. Chesterton
Education is indeed a great equalizer: It can open the door to jobs, resources, and skills that a family needs to not just survive, but thrive.
According to UNESCO, if all students in low-income countries had just basic reading skills (nothing else), an estimated 171 million people could escape extreme poverty. Now, imagine what would happen if all adults completed secondary education! We strongly believe that this only would cut the global poverty rate by more than half.
We build Schools in some of the poorest communities in Africa. Currently, we have built two schools in Uganda. Below are details about our schools:
Secondary School:

Impact High School, Lugazi (IHSL) is a not-for-profit secondary school in Uganda that seeks to bring high quality secondary education to Ugandan youths.

The Vision of IHSL is to develop confident young people, capable of independent learning, ready and willing to operate as responsible and effective members of the community and equipped for the challenges of the 21st century while the mission is to provide world-class education that meets international standards complete with spiritual and moral values in a secure and rich environment to all children regardless of gender, race, tribe or religion. For more information about IHSL, please visit our website papertyper

Primary School:

Impact Junior School Lugazi (IJSL) is not-for-profit private mixed primary school. The importance of primary education can’t be overlooked. The purpose of primary education education, fulfills the special needs of children during the first few years of their schooling life. Primary education provides the foundation for children’s education and we take it seriously at Impact. For details about our primary school, please visit our website: https://impactjuniorschool.ac.ug/